Seeing Beauty Everywhere

This morning, while preparing for a yoga class, I was looking for some inspirational thoughts on finding beauty in our world. Reflecting on this past 18 months and the pandemic, I felt like sometimes, beauty may have been masked behind the hardships and the ambiguity of the times, but only momentarily. Beauty never truly leaves us. It is always present for those whose eyes are open. I see it in people, in animals, in nature, in life generally, but for me, it is sometimes difficult to find the right words to express it. While searching for words to help convey this beauty that I see and feel so intensely, I thought of Mary Oliver, whose words have long moved me and have helped me to see life in new ways through her poems and quotes. Today, I am paying more attention, enjoying a sense of astonishment, and finding myself filled with gratitude to experience the beauty around me!

Thank you, Mary Oliver!

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