Musings of a Yoga Community


Reflection. Acceptance. Transformation. Balance.

“One Sunday morning during our yoga class, we decided to write about anything that resonated within us, regardless of the content. Then, magic happened.”

Musings of a Yoga Community: A yoga community’s collection of experiences and insights is a collection of stories about sharing love, a passion for yoga, and the ties that create a community.

The stories, each told by a member of the yoga community, reveal a heartfelt connection that only a close-knit group of kindred spirits can imagine. Their struggles to begin a writing journey with an emphasis on women’s wisdom were real and daunting, but in the end, their creativity did indeed create a collection of stories about wisdom after all.

This is not about perfecting yoga techniques. It is a book about changing the way we see the world by reflecting, accepting, transforming, and balancing spiritual growth and personal insight.


“This collection of stories reflects the experiences, truths, and understandings we’ve each learned through our spiritual journeys. We want to create smiles and tears, deliver joy, inspire hope, and elicit memories of tradition and family gatherings.”

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